It’s that time again, to assess the assessable and write off the refundable! But once that’s done then what? Most figure a new mattress maybe even a car. What if this year another option came to mind, one that has potential to only build a better life! Efile your taxesThis option should very well be piggybacking credit through trade lines. It’s a lot more beneficial and the sense of accomplishment you will have knowing that a major item from your checklist has been completed.


Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be as daunting as they’re made out to be. In fact other than taking them directly to a preparer or tax accountant, you can just e- file your taxes yourself. E-Filing- Electronic filing, is the process of submitting tax returns over the internet using pre-approved tax preparation software.Efile your taxes Approved by the IRS or Canada Revenue Agency, relevant tax authorities. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, if you’re not comfortable or even knowledgeable of taxes please by all means get help from a professional. Next, Once that’s complete you’ll be needing a plan.


Efile your taxes

Typically once the taxes are filed and received the first plan is to spend it. But on what? most adhere to the needs, but there’s another need dying for attention. Your credit score! This is an optimal moment to take positive steps in a positive direction. That ultimately in 45 to 90 days will have you able to purchase or be approved for most anything. Piggybacking tradelines Are a proven method to boost credit scores in as little as 14 days! new car, home, loan, or even jobs can depend solely upon having a good credit score. Since life can be like Chess at times; making credit the queen of the board. So e file your taxes and let’s begin our game of life.


Advantages to building and maintaining a strong credit profile are being able to negotiate with this power. Also the opportunity of being approved creates options in life. Options such as, high limit credit cards and Loan approvals, newer vehicles, or a better home. All possible in credit score categories of prime and super Prime. To be considered having a super Prime, excellent credit score you would be averaging between 781 an 850 credit score. Prime would be just under that at 661 to 780, classified as a good credit score. Once you’ve attained either of these two credit statuses, the better the rewards.


Efile your taxes

One more thing to realize once you e-file your taxes, is that you’ll begin to save even more money. Then who needs income taxes!? Okay not yet, but your interest rates will go down and limits go up! Proven reliable has finally paid off. To the point of now becoming idea for all the yes and approvals you and your family deserve. Weather starting out or already established. It never hurts to build resources and good to excellent credit is a great one! with this resource you will see thousands being saved in interest rates and not having to pay deposits the benefits would definitely produce fruit.


Other than having to e-file your taxes the only thing between you and the life of options is score. With adding tradelines from Lenjan LLCs long list you can boost your score. Here are a few more factors and values to evaluate. Payment history makes up 35% of your score, then 30% is your credit utilization ratio. The credit utilization ratio should remain below 30% to avoid any decline in your credit score. Next, whether you have revolving or installment credit tallies at 10 %. Credit inquiries make up 10% too, they show up anytime and inquiry is made. Last but not least, credit age at 15%. After maintaining these factors and you e-file your taxes follow through with a plan of action to place you back in the flow of being financially reliable. For any interest questions or comments feel free to contact us at LenJan LLC.

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